studiebureau Daniëlle storms Renovationof a dike house.

Renovationof of a house built in a dike.

Thorough renovation of a house built in a dike in the south of the Netherlands. This house has three floors. By centralising the functions on one side , space is created that can be arranged freely. The ground floor is partly built in the dike. Up to now, only the attic is complete. The owner himself will finish off the remaining floors. In order to have enough space in the bedroom under the roof, the roof on the side of the garden is made higher. On two sides of the house, a system of extruded polystyreen with stucco serves as isolation against humidity and cold.

Initially, this house was made livable with a very small budget. The plans have been created so that the owners were able to finish off the decoration in different phases. A few walls have been removed and the outside wall at the back is now open to create more space. Each space has a new function without harming the initial divisions of the house. The regrouping of circulation saves space. The dome window surely enlightens the house.