studiebureau Daniëlle storms Renovation of a lobby of a hospital

Renovation of a lobby of a hospital.

Complete renovation of a lobby of a hospital dating from the seventies. Simultaneously with the renovation of the lobby, a emergency wing was added to the hospital witch also connected to the lobby. The lobby was cut-off from the hospital and the interior was dismantled. In the public part of the lobby the floors, walls and columns where covered with marble in a specific pattern. Behind the counter in Afrormosia wood en Belgian blue stone the flooring is in a ceramic tile. The administrative section is placed in an open plan office witch can be sealed off from the lobby with two sliding panels. The whole of the office is kept transparent by the use of glass walls.
The telephone switchboard and reception is centralised in the lobby. Together with the renovation the lobby was updated to the latest safety standards.
Every piece of furniture is designed and custom made for this project. The build-in cupboards reach up to the ceiling so there is no lost space. The desktops are made in green coloured glass witch adds to the transparency of the office.